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Garageband for PC


If you have entered this website, we believe that you already know what this program is about and what you can do this, but if by chance you do not know we will tell you what you can do with it. Garageband for PC is an application for mixing sound that is only available for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac, but can also be downloaded on Windows.


This program is the best or one of the best of your theme, available for the iOS operating system, but surely if you entered here it is because you need to download it for Windows, so read this article from beginning to end as we will tell you how to do what. Surely you have looked on many other pages before entering this, and they will all tell you that you can download Garageband for pc by mega but this is all a lie, we will tell you how to do it safely, quickly and easily.


Speaking a bit of the application, it is special if you like music where you can mix different sounds or tracks and create that unique song made by yourself. This program since its launch has changed the musical space for good with its great features.

 Garageband is one of the few applications that is about instruments and music that is made only for iOS. It is perfect for professionals and has innovative features. It is consumed by many DJs who are the best known in the world because it allows you to mix, play or record your own songs and create a track that suits them.


It is very easy to use, C is available for iOS without cost but if you want it for Windows you will have to pay € 20.00 on the page that we will tell you in the download tutorial.

Here are some features that the sound mixing program has:


  • You can use an already virtual or external keyboard to use Garageband, you just have to enter the USB cable that contains the keyboard.
  • It has several functions like record, capture, share or play. You can share the music you have created for everyone.
  • This program has the effects we use by DJs such as filters, repetitions or vinyl scratching
  • It also has an option to put up to nine drummers either acoustic or electric more with distinctive sounds.
  • If you have the need to create realistic rhythms, Garageband has this power.
  • It has a very easy interface for the user who does not understand music, with this we will make the user stay in the application and start to be informed of it, and learn.
  • This application can be used by beginners or professionals to DJs.

Your music creation with Garageband for PC is not difficult as you probably think, it is easier than you think. When you open the program on the computer you will be free and you can create your music to your liking with the constructor. The app will let you create up to 32 tracks but if you are a person who needs to have more, you can combine these tracks with each other and you will make more and more hollow.


Download Garageband for PC with iPadian

For you to download Garageband for PC we will need to go to iPadian, it is a software but unfortunately as we told you before it is paid.


Requirements for download:


  • You will have to have a Windows 7 operating system onwards (8,10)
  • The minimum requirement of this application is to have at least 4 GB of ram, if you have more it will obviously be better.
  • Your computer must have an i5 processor or higher.
  • Your disk must have 2GB of free space but it cannot be installed

Having said the requirements to have Garageband for PC, let's continue with the download tutorial.


  • As a first step, you must have the software that we told you before (iPadian), for this, we will visit its website. Once inside the web of the element that will help us to have Garageband for PC, we must press the “Download For Windows” button, as we told you it is paid. After pressing the button it will take you to make the corresponding payment. If you pay with PayPal it will automatically redirect you to the page and in two steps you will have the software ready to download.
  • Once we have paid for the product, we must download it, which will take us a few minutes. After this we will have to install it, we will have to accept what he asks us and wait again. The installation usually takes a long time so we recommend that if you have another activity pending, do it while it is installed.
  • Once everything is installed correctly, we will open it by double-clicking. When we are inside the iPadian we will go to “Apple Store”
  • Obviously, in the search engine, we will enter the name “Garageband” and press download or install.
  • Once the app is downloaded you can enjoy the Garageband for PC and you will be free to make your own combinations.

Download Garageband in MAC


This method is very simple, you will only have to have a MAC if you don't have it you will not be able to. You will have the official version of the application, you just have to turn on your MAC, and go to the store or iTunes or just click here. Then press download and you will have Garageband for PC. 

Garageband alternative
There are many alternatives on the Internet to Garageband that compete with it. Some are:
It is open-source software that has variations of instruments and also samples. It is free and has all the useful functions for you to use. It has a variety of sound samples as it also has preloaded effects.

FL Studio
Many people who know music or have tried different programs say that FL has been the inspiration of LMMS. FL Studio has a very easy to understand interface for the new user. FL Studio is made for all types of people, whether they are music professionals like DJs or beginners who want to learn.